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Tray Ordering Guide

Due to the multiple different colours and 4 different sizes of our trays, ordering tray storage units could be a real headache. We could limit the amount of colours available and only sell units with all the same size tray like other sites do, but where's the fun in that? Just follow this simple guide, make your choice and fill in the details on the product ordering page.

Step 1 - Decide which tray sizes you need

This will be defined mainly by two factors...

  • What you will be storing in the trays, paper would be best stored in a small or medium sized tray, larger equipment may only fit into a larger tray.
  • How many slots are available in each column of the storage unit. If there are 10 slots then you could get 10 small trays, 5 medium trays, 2 medium & two large, one of each size and so on. Remember that the amount of slots may be spread over more than one column

Step 2 - Decide on the colour of the trays

Tray Colour Guide

Step 3 - Fill in the details

So you've decided on which tray sizes you want and their colours, all that's left to do is tell us by filling in the box on the product page

Tray Colour Guide

It doesn't matter what order you put the information into the box and we don't need to know where you need each tray placed into the unit, you can put them just where you want them once you have recieved your order.


Tray Colour Guide

This is a single column, 6 slot storage unit. It has 4 small trays and a medium tray that takes up 2 slots.

To order a unit like this, enter into the box:-

1 small blue
1 small purple
1 small pink
1 small orange
1 medium lime

Tray Colour Guide

This is a 3 column, 18 slot storage unit. It has 6 small trays and 6 medium trays.

To order a unit like this, enter into the box:-

1 small & 1 medium lime
1 small & 1 medium yellow
1 small & 1 medium orange
1 small & 1 medium red
1 small & 1 medium pink
1 small & 1 medium purple

Still too complicated?

If for any reason your tray requirements are too complicated or you are unsure on how best to fill out the information then why not make it even easier!

Just put your name and phone number into the box instead and we will call you

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Buying in bulk?

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